5 Modern Kitchen Design Trends

5 Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchens today are being designed in a completely new way than they have been in the past, with new priorities such as eco-friendly features and entertainment in mind. This concept is known as a “Social Kitchen” and is designed for not only cooking but also as a central hub or entertainment spot for family and friends. I’ve compiled a list of what I think are some of the most popular modern kitchen design trends of 2013.

1. Mixing Unique Materials and Textures- Incorporating unique materials and textures, not just in kitchens, but throughout a home has been a huge trend this year. With the rise in popularity of LED lighting and the beautiful results you achieve when paired with textured wall paper or art, I predict that this trend will be around for many years to come.  Click here to learn more about how LED lights influence design.

 Modern Kitchen Design

2. Repurposed Furnishings- Since Pinterest has taken over and more people are watching their wallets, do-it-yourself projects have never been so popular nor so readily available. Repurposed wooden furniture is showing up in many kitchens across the United States, adding wonderful personality and great texture to the area. These pieces are also great conversation starters.

repurposed kitchen

3. Eco-Friendly Materials and Features- Along with the DIY craze, people are starting to become eco-friendly for the sake of our impending pollution problems as well as a way to save money. Choosing eco-friendly appliances such as Energy Star dishwashers, refrigerators and induction cooktops are becoming a no-brainer. Furthermore, people are opting to choose other eco-friendly materials that release fewer toxic chemicals into your home environment. For more information about alternative environmentally safe materials, follow the link!

Induction Cooking

“Induction cooking uses induction heating to directly heat a cooking vessel, as opposed to using heat transfer from electrical coils or burning gas as with a traditional cooking stove.”

4. Quartz Countertops- Quartz has been a popular kitchen counter top choice for the last couple of years but this year the percentage of Quartz counter tops has increased by 11%. People are choosing Quartz as a granite alternative because of its durability. Unlike granite, quartz is not susceptible to heat damage or acidic damage and is harder to chip or scratch.


5. Open Floorplans & Comfortable Seating- Having a “Social Kitchen” means having an open floor plan and plenty of comfortable seating for nights of lounging and long conversations with family and friends. Open floor plans are more inviting because there is plenty of space for people to hang out without feeling like they are crowded-in or in the way.


These 5 design trends are only a small portion of some great examples of a modern kitchen but I  hope it has given you some good ideas and a good start for your modern kitchen design. Have anymore questions? The staff at Willetts Design would love to help! Contact us today at: 760-777-9044


The Do’s and Don’ts of a Properly Set Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and if you are the lucky family member to be hosting this year’s dinner you may be wondering how to set an unforgettable Thanksgiving table. You’re in luck! I have compiled my list of dos and don’ts of Thanksgiving table settings.

Don’t use tall centerpieces. Thanksgiving is a social gathering and for many, it may be the first time in a long time since they have seen each other last. Tall centerpieces make talking harder and will end up being moved during dinner. You don’t want the beauty and time that went into making the centerpieces go to waste by sitting in the corner!

Thanksgiving table setting

Do add candles or candle lamps. Adding some fire to the table adds some ambiance and warms up the atmosphere.  And everyone looks better in candlelight!

Thanksgiving Candles

Do layer textiles. If you are looking to bring an extra element of elegance to the table this Thanksgiving, try layering with different textures. Use a table cloth along with a different texture placemat or two. It helps to also pair these with an elegant cloth napkin and napkin ring.

fancy thanksgiving table

Do bring out the nice silverware and china. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holidays you should always utilize that set of real silverware that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Don’t skip the dessert and salad forks. It’s Thanksgiving! That means TONS of food and going in for seconds after dessert. It is impossible to supply too many forks. Unnecessary utensils are annoying for small dinners but Thanksgiving is one of those times when all silverware should be used. Refer to this “place setting chart” for proper placement of your silverware.

Table setting

Don’t use paper napkins. If you are having a casual Thanksgiving then paper napkins are fine. However, don’t go all out and use great grandma’s china and silverware and then place cheap, ugly flowered napkins or paper towels down. That’s just wrong!  Cloth napkins give a touch of elegance and they are much more eco-friendly.

What are your personal do’s and don’ts for setting the perfect Thanksgiving table? We would love to hear them! Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

How LED Lights are Influencing Design |nterior Lighting

Despite their small size, LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are having a huge influence on many aspects of design. In fact, this change in how designers approach lighting can be directly contributed to the small stature of LEDs.

Piero Gandini, chairman of lighting design company, Flos, compares this change in lighting trends to when halogens hit the market in the ‘80’s. However, Gandini suggests that the impact will be much greater this time around as lighting design will be less about the fixture and more about the “immaterial aspect of lighting.”

Below are a few of the new lighting trends you can expect to see as LEDs become more prominent in lighting design.

Small and Minimal

LED Lamp


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Modern Living Room Designs | Willetts Design

Modern design elements are anything but new in the design world and have been actively practiced for decades. Not only is modern design seen in interior design but it can also be found in the architectural work of many famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Leoh Ming Pei.

Modern design is all about simplicity and minimalism.  Below you will find a guide to the essential elements needed when planning your modern living room design.


Modern Living room

Modern design encompasses simplicity into all aspects of the room. A large part of modern design is the use of geometric shapes. Rectangles, squares and sharp angled triangles are commonly incorporated into a modern living room through artwork, furniture and other decor.Circles and ovals are also common shapes found in modern interior design.  It is important to note that décor, art and furniture contain little to no detail or decorative trimmings as it would interrupt the straight and simple lines of modern design.

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Exterior Home Design

The design of your home’s exterior, is just as important as the design of your home’s interior. By adding curb appeal to your home, you are helping to increase its resale value. My team and I have put together the top ways to boost your curb appeal.


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A Guide to Selecting the Right Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is ultimately the heart of your home. Creating the right ambiance is important and the kitchen cabinetry plays a significant role in creating this. Most home owners are unsure about where to start; here are a few key elements to keep in mind when you’re selecting cabinetry with your interior designer.


Door styles- This could be your most important decision and one of your larger expenses.  Flat panel or raised with stiles and rails, you’ll want to see which style best represents your personal style. A few of the most popular trends now are:

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LEED Guide to Green Your Bathroom

ecofriendly bathroomsThe bathroom is without a doubt one of the most relaxing rooms in your home, it’s where you can draw a nice bubble bath and simply unwind; or at least, it should be!  It unfortunately is also one the most water and energy consuming areas of your home. With that said, here are a few key components I recommend you consider for a LEED eco-friendly bathroom.

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Pierre Frey

The French family-owned luxury design house, Pierre Frey, is a company that has been well recognized for the last 75 years for its superior quality and timeless elegance.  Frey is most well-known for their luxury collection of fabrics and wallpaper, in addition to their furniture, tableware and home accessories.

Pierrre-Frey-Designs-Paris-Apartment-Willetts Design and Associates

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Eco-Friendly Homes

Kitchens today are often the most multipurpose room in a home; which means they can also provide the most opportunities for “greening” the home. From lighting and appliances to plumbing fixtures and finishes, the kitchen is an ideal space to optimize form and function while minimizing environmental impact. For many, the greatest challenge and opportunity of the “new” kitchen can be creating a design that most effectively addresses all of the kitchen duties without doubling its size.  Prior to creating your “green” kitchen, I strongly recommend meeting with your designer to consider the following:


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The Kitchen Sink

When designing your dream kitchen, the sink is one of the initial decisions that must be made, yet it’s often an over looked feature. However, I think that it is equally as important as your appliance choices. Prior to selecting a sink I recommend you consider your needs, this will help to streamline the process. From there I recommend looking at different options based on the qualification list you already established.  One of my favorite types of sinks for 2013 is a large single basin sink; here are a few benefits to consider. Continue reading