Before & After

“There is nothing permanent except change”


I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like looking at what the interior design industry calls, “Before & After” pictures.  I think Before & After pictures offer hope, the promise of something new and different possibilities…. Before & After pictures show what you and a good interior designer can do– with what might not be an ideal situation.

Renovations on an existing home allow the homeowner to redefine the space.  Once you have clarified how you want to live in a space, determining if it works for your lifestyle as it currently stands, is your first step.  If you find you have no need for a formal dining room, change it to a work-out room, a dedicated office, or a cozy library.

Changes like these give your home a new life by redefining those spaces and providing them a whole new purpose.

Dining Room to Library Transformation


Not only do room makeovers inspire us, they can add value to your property. Updating a Powder Room, a Master Bath, or a Kitchen can guarantee a good return on your investment when you decide to sell your home.

Kitchen Transformation


Powder Rooms are also a great place to add more excitement to your overall design.
People expect to see more drama in a Powder Room than perhaps other rooms of
the home.

Powder Room Transformations

Because the housing market is such, that reselling your home at this time might be a good idea again, it is a fantastic time to make these changes.  Or, add to your real estate portfolio by purchasing homes that need renovating.  This way you and your home(s) are ready to capitalize on these investments.

Living Room Transformation




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