Philosophy & Approach

Translating your inspired expression of home.

WE BELIEVE that each space is a tangible expression of the individuals who live there. That every person’s concept of home is subjective and deeply personal. And that the challenge for us as a design entity is to translate that idea into a beautiful, inviting and inspiring interior. This excites us to no end.

In truth, designing a custom interior is an intimate undertaking; we go to great lengths to know our clients in an authentic way, fostering close, trusted relationships. We approach each project as a wholly unique endeavor. The process begins with a heightened form of listening, engaging in an extensive dialogue to learn our clients’ affinities and personalities. Whether we incorporate historical reference points or contemporary influences, we are not defined by stylistic categories. Rather, clients inform our work: their passions and pastimes, their travels, how they live and what they love. On balance, isn’t that the point?

From an initial interview, we are able to define the scope of the project and determine both the specific requirements and timeline. We assess everyone who will contribute to the team, from an audio consultant to a landscape designer, and engage in a myriad of other specific steps (see our Interior Design Services for a complete list).

Innovation. Collaboration. Commitment.

Once the project has launched, we are hands-on through every aspect, creating detailed architectural specifications whenever needed. Be it artisanal craftsmanship, fine finishes or a detailed design for built-ins, we ensure that specs are met with exacting standards. The firm collaborates with contractor/builder, architect and client on everything from hard surfaces and wall coverings to fixtures and built-ins.

Design that delights our clients.

The simplicity, sophistication and beauty of a completed interior is the ultimate product of a sequential and thorough process. From start to finish, we work in close partnership, articulating and communicating each step and approval phase throughout. Client service is the centerpiece of our business. No matter what, we propose that the entire process should be an exciting adventure and, despite the inevitable glitches, a joyful, transformational experience. In the end, the result is great design our clients are delighted with. And that makes it all worth it.




Solutions that perform. Interiors that stir the senses.

Willetts Design & Associates is a full-service interior design firm offering everything from complete interior design services and architectural specifications to art consulting and curation. We are known for creating elegant, comfortable custom interiors that stand the test of time. Whatever your project requires, our team has the expertise to see it through.

Interior Design

Interior Design is of course at the heart of what we offer. For us, it’s a total, multi-tiered approach with a cohesive program of steps to successfully complete each endeavor. Included in our service offerings are the following:


Architectural Specifications


From a detailed matrix for appliances and plumbing to reflected ceiling and lighting plans, flooring material selections, fireplace surrounds, interior door specifications, molding design, custom cabinets, countertops, closet system layouts and more, our Interior Design Specification Schedule is both thorough and comprehensive. It can include:

*NOTE: Willetts Design & Associates is one of the only local firms that supplies CAD drawings for interior elevations, bath, kitchen and floor tile designs and custom millwork. We work as an integral part of the team, a key component of our offerings. (We’ve been called the “builder’s designer.”)


Art Consulting and Curation:

We believe that exceptional fine art is always a rare find; that it becomes a vital, intrinsic part of a home’s interior rewards both the visual result and the preferences of the owner. We are well-versed in the nuances of identifying and acquiring fine art on behalf of our clients, offering art consulting and curation as an important service to our clients.