What’s Black & White and Read All Over? Hopefully, This Blog!


Basic Black & White; who says they’re basic?  White, a color without hue, reflects light of all hues completely and diffusely.  To be strictly white, snow would have to reflect 100 percent of the incident light.  It is the ultimate limit of a series of shades of any color.


Yin Yang_Large

“Yin Yang” by desert artist, Shaktima Brien.

Black on the other hand, absorbs light, without reflecting any of the rays composing it.  The color black is at one extreme end of the scale of grays, opposite to white.  How do you get these two opposites on the color scale to work together?  Well, graphically I suppose.

We seem to always be attracted by these opposites.  Through the history of design there are examples of how the colors black and white have been used in art, building materials, accessories, and furnishings.



HL049413-257x339=8.72M2Amadi Carpets

Vintage yarns taken from antique kilims were then woven to create these two beautiful 10 x 14 area rugs.  The colors are all natural, the yarn is all goat hair originally used in antique kilims and the white part is old hemp taken from hemp kilims.

A fantastic way to combine modern art with a more traditional design is to include a graphic black and white art piece.


Black & White Modern Art in Living Room


And of course, you could do the opposite, create a glamorous room with black and white furnishings then add color with you art.

1930 chairs                                         credenza


Set of Three 1930’s Modernist Chairs by Jacques Adnet, Black varnished wood, white leather and Black & White Mid-century Credenza

Either way, the incorporation of graphic black and white pieces in a design add an interesting element to the overall look.

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