Living with Art Series – Bedroom Vignette- Artwork by Damien Hirst:

I love the colors in this vignette; so vibrant!  I chose to use whites and primary colors for the furnishings and accessories, so as to not fight with the accent wall color and this amazing piece, “Entreaty” by Damien Hirst.


As one of the “Young British Artists,” (YBA) group, Damien Hirst seeks t to explore the complex relationship between art, life and death. His work has included the use of butterflies, a cow and calf, a shark, and even a human skull. And although maybe not favored by PETA, his works explore the fragility of life, the certainty of death, and the questions around resurrection and religion. I think that his butterfly works particularly, are beautiful, exquisite Kaleidoscopes of colors. (And this particular piece is of course, PETA friendly and didn’t involve harm to any butterflies!)

The butterfly works reference the spiritual symbolism of the butterfly; specifically, themes of resurrection or idealized beauty. Using butterflies as his color palette has also enabled him to create an unending blend of fantastic color combinations. I chose to use Dunn Edwards “Surf’s Up” DET583 to accentuate these vivid colors.

11. Bedroom Damien Hirst-03_650px

Because I opted for primary colors with white accents, when combined with clean, linear furnishings, the overall feeling of the room could be described as Modernist in style. Additionally, this allowed me to highlight the art and the geometric lines of the furniture. The nightstand to the right of the bed is also an art piece in itself. The creator, Stephen Antonson, works primarily with white plaster. He believes that white will show the texture, the overall form, and any shadowing of each piece best. Stephen works out of Brooklyn and is known as the “master of plaster.”


The second white nightstand and the red accent table are both done in a lacquer finish. The bright Saffron colored wing chair sits on a Mondrian inspired wool carpet. And on each nightstand I used table lamps made from chiseled Selenite, a crystal that allows light to pass through it. And what a beautiful light they give off!


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