Creating a Personal Retreat in Your Home

Outside of eating and drinking too much or perhaps just hiding under your kitchen table, how are you managing your stress right now? 
When working with my clients some of the many lifestyle questions I ask them, include:  How do you relax?  How do get away when you’re at home?  And then I look at what personal spaces I need to create for each person within their home.

There is science behind the most successful rooms in your house.  Science and design have continued to meld together and allow us to design creative, innovative, and healthy solutions.  And when you walk into a space, and “It just feels right,” then you know we’ve hit a home run. 

First, ask yourself these questions Make sure to consider my following tips when creating your personal haven:

Furniture Shapes & Layouts – Strong sharp shapes need to be balanced with highly textured soft fabrics. Too many pointy edges make you feel uneasy.  Symmetrical layouts are familiar and easier for your brain to process, but have fun with asymmetry to the extent it doesn’t disrupt the feel of the room.
Light – create options that allow you to filter and adjust for the mood, I love the look of a textured sheer drape in both modern and traditional settings.  Add dimmer switches to all your lighting.
Sound – I’m not suggesting you run out and buy a fountain, but if it’s applicable, we are attracted to and soothed by the sounds of nature; water, waves, birds.  Also, look at what sounds you want to keep out of your space; add upholstered walls or carpeting to keep sounds from bouncing off of hard surfaces.

Scents – Fresh flowers and candles are great, I like room diffusers, as they tend not to be as strong a scent.  Take a look at your air conditioning, use Hepa Filters, and change them regularly to make sure your house isn’t hosting any unwanted odors or bacteria.  And if you really want to energetically “clean the air” smudging with Juniper or Sage is something you can always try.
Indulgencies – As we continue to redefine what home means to us, we will look to what gives us comfort, nurtures us, and enhances our overall well-being.  If it’s a pullout refrigerator drawer in your bathroom for storing eye masks and organic produces, or a coffee bar in the bedroom, or just essential oils displayed in your shower, now is the time to include those special items that help you be a better you.
I’m a romantic at heart and for me there is always a level of intuition that is ultimately used to create the right space for each individual.  There needs to be a feeling, a relaxing of the shoulders, a sigh of relief.  So, bring into your haven whatever helps to mitigate the stresses that we are all dealing with and whatever gives you the feelings you ultimately want to live with.

If you are looking to refresh, redesign, or start a new project give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!