The Home Spa, Your Bathroom Sanctuary

Lately I have been having more than my fair share of COVID-cocktails! (I’m weak, I admit.) That being said, I’ve also really been appreciating my recently renovated master bathroom. Obviously with the way things are in the world today we are spending more time in our homes. And as a designer, it’s my job to make sure that my client’s homes are designed to meet the needs of each individual. We all need bathrooms, but now more than ever, those bathrooms are evolving into sanctuaries, home spas, and health care areas. So, let’s talk about that, cause who doesn’t love a nice bathroom?

There are several main functions to consider when designing your dream bathroom; bathing and showering, the commode and bidet functions, the vanity functions, and new to the list, health and wellness functions.

Overall, the lighting in the entire area needs to be carefully considered. Natural lighting, task lighting, mood lighting, and light therapy are all key components. I also like to add small lighting details, like an LED tape light in the soap niche of the shower or along the toe kick of the cabinets. And Chromotherapy is now available for tubs and showers and we also provide personal care items for facials etc. that enlist LED light therapy.

In bathroom design hygiene and antibacterial products are moving more to the forefront, we now have bathroom fans that fight mildew and use antibacterial LED lights to kill mold, fungi, and bacteria, countertop materials that are antimicrobial, and even under-counter refrigerator drawers that will safely store your organic body and face products to utilize in our designs.

Of course, personal hygiene has always been one of the primary functions of a bathroom.  Duravit and Toto two of my favorite options for commodes, both offering heated seats, and toilet/bidet combinations among other things.  Duravit has just come out with their new SensoWash® toilet which offers the most natural form of hygiene possible; cleansing with water. 

For tubs and showers, manufacturers offer infinity edge tubs, tubs with Chromotherapy and Toto has just come out with their new flotation tub, meant to re-create the body’s posture at zero gravity. And your options with showers is just as varied, massage, rain showers, steam, chromotherapy, and even aromatherapy are all available.

The materials you select for the sinks and tubs help to create your individual look and add to the success of a well-designed bathroom or spa.

There are so many design options out there it’s hard to choose! They are now made out of everything from cast iron with custom colors, gorgeous marbles, metals, colored glass, and colored resins.

The last ingredients in your personally designed bath, are the items that you as an individual desire. I have added everything from heated flooring, music, massage tables, and hair-washing stations, to candles, settees with comfy throws, and even mani-pedi stations! The thing I love about designing bathrooms for my clients is that I get to offer them the newest and greatest options and then see how they are enjoyed.

If you are looking to refresh, redesign, or start a new project give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!